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One thing that makes Quincy a great place to live is all the waterfront property. Flavin & Flavin regularly lists coastal properties in the Quincy area for sale. After purchasing a space on waterfront property, however, some special considerations need to be made in order to ensure your new investment is protected. Flavin and Flavin has a wide range options available to add to a homeowners policy so you can customize a plan for your waterfront property.

With its unique coastline along the Quincy Bay, there are a number of great waterfront properties in the Quincy, Massachusetts area. Most of the homes have spectacular views of the water and space that can be accommodating to groups big and small. Living right on the water can be very relaxing and our clients who have moved into a home or condo on the water love spending time outdoors.

Finding homeowners insurance for properties close to the ocean has become more and more difficult over the past few years. Many providers are not interested in insuring coastal homes that are subject to the damage of high winds from hurricanes. Storms have become a more common occurrence, leading to prices that many individuals are unable to afford.

At Flavin & Flavin, we specialize in finding the right homeowners policy for waterfront property. Some additional coverage will be needed to include a flood insurance policy and account for a higher risk of damage, but we have a number of different options available to you so you can get a plan that's right for your property. Give yourself some peace of mind by getting a policy with us today.