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One area of major concern when moving to a new community is education. A good education system is a sign that a community is a good place to live and has the potential for growth. Towns and cities with good education are able to attract new residents and plan for the future, something that many homeowners value. Quincy, Massachusetts sees its school aged children as one of the best investments for the community and has an educational system to back it up.

The Quincy educational system includes 11 elementary schools, 5 middle schools and 2 high schools. There is also 1 early childhood center, intended for pre-school aged children. Educators in Quincy use state-of-the-art technology and progressive learning methods to allow students to reach their potential. Quincy public schools play a major role in preparing students for life and is seen as the most important part of the city by officials.

North Quincy High School is one example of Quincy's improving academics. The high school is ranked 59th in Massachusetts and has an Advanced Placement participation rate of 30 percent. By taking Advanced Placement courses and exams, students are able to ready themselves for college courses, even earning college credit if their exam scores are high enough. Minority enrollment makes up 51 percent of the student population and there are 50 percent male and 50 percent female students.

The number of different schools in Quincy are a great reason to move to the area. With all the different options available, it is possible to put every child in a position to succeed. Educators in Quincy understand that each child is different and will require special attention to fully realize what they are capable of. The district also has plans to rebuild another middle school soon. Call Flavin & Flavin today to learn more about what Quincy has to offer.