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Tenant Insurance

When renting a house or apartment it can be tricky knowing which of your belongings are covered by your landlord's policy. In most cases, the truth is that most of your personal belongings are without coverage. Flavin and Flavin provides renters policies that will take the guesswork out of protecting your possessions.

A renters policy from Flavin and Flavin will cover you in the event of a break-in, fire or severe weather. If your personal belongings are damaged, coverage from Flavin and Flavin will help you recover their value. Don't get caught relying on a landlord's policy that probably won't help you.

Our apartment insurance can also protect you in the case of a liability lawsuit. If someone is injured on the property you rent, you will be held responsible for the accident. Medical bills can be a big burden, but with Flavin's liability coverage we will make sure that you are protected.

Purchasing a renters policy from Flavin and Flavin will help give you a peace of mind while living in a rented space. We have many different options available so you can customize a plan to fit your needs. Call Flavin and Flavin to discuss a plan today.