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A condominium association master policy can provide protection to all condo buildings and common elements. You don't need to piece together multiple types of coverage with us. We have a number of different options available so our policies can be customized to fit you.

With our coverage, tenants/owners will be required to find protection for the personal belongings kept in their living space. The structure of the buildings and any items inside them that belong to the condo association, however, can be included in the plan. A condominium association can typically collect monthly dues from residents to help with payments.

Plans from Flavin and Flavin often come in one of two forms. The less expensive option is to get a plan that protects the structure and walls of your buildings but nothing else. The second more comprehensive type of policy will provide coverage for the structure, walls, floors, ceilings and any additions that have been made inside the units. Residents will still be required to purchase their own policy if they are interested in additional coverage.

Running a condo association can be a lot to keep track of. There are many different elements of your business that each need to be treated with individual care and attention. Make your life a bit easier by purchasing a condominium master building policy from Flavin and Flavin.