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Give your business extra protection with a business umbrella policy. Umbrella liability insurance will keep you covered when the existing policies that you already have fall short. When serious situations arise commercial umbrella coverage can ensure that you will be able to pay the bills.

Commercial umbrella policies will pick up where your existing coverage stops. It is an affordable way to add extra protection against bodily injury and property damage. If your existing coverage covers you for two thirds of a law suit, umbrella coverage will kick in and pay the rest.

Law suits can come from the most unexpected places. With a commercial umbrella policy you will be covered in a variety of situations. It will kick in when your other policies have reached their limit and only then. Often it is less expensive than adding additional coverage onto a plan you already own.

Purchasing a commercial umbrella plan with Flavin & Flavin is a good way to ensure your business is here to stay. With added protection you will be ready to handle unexpected situations with ease. Give yourself some peace of mind by calling Flavin & Flavin today.