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Commercial liability coverage is important to any business that is looking to last well into the future. Accidents happen, and unintentional ones that happen on business time can be a burden moving forward. With a policy from Flavin and Flavin you can be sure that your business will be protected when it matters most.

Our protection will help your business stay making a profit through tough times. We cover the costs of legal defense as well as legal damages you may be required to pay. Each plan is fully customizable, so you will be able to get a policy that fits your business perfectly.

Even if you are the sole owner of your business it may be smart to get a commercial liability plan. Personal liability will only go so far and in the event it has been used up you will be forced to pay for legal fees and associated damages out of pocket. With additional liability on top of your personal coverage you will be ready for almost any situation.

Running a business is tough and extremely unpredictable. Give yourself some peace of mind with a plan from Flavin and Flavin. We have experience working with many different types of businesses and are happy to go through all of your options with you.