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Many businesses rely on an automobile in order to complete regular day-to-day transactions. But what would happen if the vehicle was in need of repair? With a policy from Flavin & Flavin you can be sure that your company's vehicle will get taken care of and back on the road in no time. We know the demands that come with owning a business and are committed to providing affordable policies that are tailored specifically to you.

With our commercial auto policies you can choose to get a policy that matches what you have on your own personal vehicle or opt for something more specific. We have specialized policies for pickup trucks, tow trucks, trailer trucks and vans. You can also specify how many different people you expect to be operating the vehicle and how often it will be in use.

Our coverage will bring you and the employees of your business a peace of mind in knowing the company vehicle has protection. Our coverage can also come with additional liability and medical coverage that can be applied to the operator of the vehicle in the event of an accident. Make sure your vehicles are protected by Flavin & Flavin today.

As your business grows, give yourself some peace of mind with an insurance policy from Flavin and Flavin. We have experience dealing with many different types of companies and know that no business is the same. Get a policy that is specifically structured to fit your needs today.