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All businesses need a Business Owners Policy to protect its assets and maintain a profit. Our policies can be a combination of property insurance, liability insurance, crime protection and automobile coverage. Additional coverage can also be added to your policy as needed.

Business owners are exposed to many different risks. Accidents happen and it doesn't take much for one to result in a lawsuit that will end your business. Having an adequate business owners policy can help prevent this from happening. Our liability protection can be customized to include all aspects of your business.

At Flavin & Flavin we strive to offer the most complete coverage available. We can help protect every aspect of your business. Our property insurance keeps your building, equipment and inventory covered. Bodily injury and property damage liability covers instances in which your employees, products or services harm another individual or their property. Advertising injury coverage can protect you against copyright infringement and slander. Other types of coverage can be included as well to specifically meet your needs.

Call in today to discuss the different types of coverage for business owners available at Flavin and Flavin. We have a number of different options that you can pick and choose from in order to create a plan that is just right for you. A policy tailored exactly to the specific needs of your business can be a valuable resource as you move forward.