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Business liability coverage is essential for any business that wants to make sure they have protection moving forward. Accidents can happen at anytime, often when we least expect it, and ones that happen on company time can ruin a business. In the event of an accident, Flavin and Flavin can provide support and protection to help keep you on your feet.

Each plan we offer can be fully customized to fit the policy holder perfectly. This will ensure that you are prepared for the worst and have the means to make it through tough times. In the event of a lawsuit brought against your business, one of our plans can cover the cost of legal defense as well as any legal damages you may be required to pay.

Coverage from Flavin and Flavin is a good idea even if you are the sole owner and employee of your business. Personal liability plans often only go so far and if that liability is used up in a lawsuit, you will be forced to pay the remaining amount yourself. Situations like these can topple any kind of business and be avoided with the right company liability coverage.

Owning a business can be hard and very unpredictable. With one of our plans you can give yourself some peace of mind and know that you have protection for when it matters most. We provide policies for many different types of businesses and can work with you to create a policy that fits just right.