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Owning a motorcycle is all about the freedom that comes along with cruising on a two-wheeled vehicle. We know that riding a motorcycle is a lifestyle in which every little detail matters, including what type of coverage you have to protect yourself and your bike. With our policies you can get an all inclusive motorcycle protection plan.

Our coverage starts with a liability policy that protects you and one passenger in the event of an accident. A standard plan comes bundled with vehicle coverage in place to help with repairs and replacement parts. We also have options in place so that you can get a total replacement in case your bike is damaged beyond repair or stolen.

Keep your bike safe with one of our plans. Whether you are planning a summer trip across the country or just a cruise down to the store, insurance should never be something you are concerned about. With one of our custom plans you can be sure you are getting a good value.

Give yourself some peace of mind with a motorcycle insurance policy from Flavin & Flavin. Biking should be about the feeling of freedom from the open road, not worrying about what to do in the case of an accident.