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We offer a complete policy that addresses the unique requirements of owning an apartment building. Our coverage starts with a property and liability policy that will cover most parts of the building and can be added on to for more extensive coverage. Give yourself some peace of mind today by getting protection for your property.

With Flavin and Flavin you can be sure that your apartment building will be kept in top shape. There is no way to know what is in store for your building and we realize that you need to be prepared. Our service prides itself on quick responses to all types of repairs that may be needed. We know that a functional building is necessary to keeping your tenants happy and your business alive.

Here are a few additional features that can help address the needs of an apartment owner:

  • Ordinance and Law - Covers damage that can ensue due to the enforcement of municipal laws in your building.
  • Equipment Breakdown - Protection against damage that can cause equipment to stop functioning.
  • Loss of Income - Covers the loss of income that may result from a suspension of operations due to a covered accident.
  • Identity Restoration - Offers protection and help restoring your business in the event that your identity is compromised.

Owning an apartment is a 24/7 job that requires significant time and attention. Keep your investment safe with an Apartment Owners policy from Flavin & Flavin.